Quartz by Luciano Santelli

Quartz by Luciano Santelli

Quartz by Luciano Santelli


image ©Luciano Santelli




Brutu’s Mármores


Although having the biggest geodiversity in the world, Brazil’s furniture market soaks in imported marble. Hence the material chosen for the “Quartz” side tables was a national beauty: “Green Bamboo” quartzite, from Bahia. To live up to this beautiful and resistant stone, an airy and gentle design was conceived, in contrast to the weight of the material. The parts are produced through waterjet cutting technology, granting high precision in the assembly. The high density of quartzite (a mineral constituted by 95% quartz) enables superior shine in polishing. Available in 2 sizes: 43 x 50cm and 532 x 37cm (h x diameter).

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