Primitive Forms by Phat Design


Phat Design


Christian Cowper





Christian Cowper and Claudia Surrage from PHAT Design demonstrate a truth and sensitivity towards all materials used in their Primitive Forms furniture project.
Primitive Forms is a trio of stools translating the humble nature and processes of working with clay [ceramics], into furniture design.

Sleeper Stool displays the unadorned, elemental quality of clay. Also, Sleeper Stool illustrates the fundamental ceramics technique of slab-building. Sleeper Stool is made from solid white beech wood.

Tor Stool represents the organic, tactile, and sculptural process of physically working with clay. Tor Stool is hand-carved and shaped out of solid birch wood.

Terra Stool expresses the round, turned, understandable form, suggestive of the majority of ceramic vessels. Terra Stool is turned from white beech wood.

Clay and wood – ceramics and woodwork; although different, share an ancient, progressive, & truly purposeful history. Ceramics and woodwork combine artistic expression with life-enhancing functionality. Primitive Forms bridges between crafts and materials, demonstrating a truth and sensitivity to the ceramics which inspired the project, as well as the resulting wooden furniture.

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