Priceless Milano by Park Associati

Priceless Milano by Park Associati

Priceless Milano by Park Associati


Park Associati




Milano, Italia

A temporary pavilion designed to create a strong accent of novelty on ancient buildings.

Park Associati – Priceless Milano, PH: Andrea Martiradonna

Priceless Milano is a temporary installation, a living unit designed to be moved around and placed on top of existing buildings in striking locations. The pavilion is thought to be a sort of travelling gastronomic theatre, a ‘Carro di Tespi’ (travelling theatrical company), where leading chefs from all over the world are invited to show off their skills on a rotational basis at special cooking shows.

Park Associati – Priceless Milano, PH: Andrea Martiradonna

The travelling restaurant idea was conceived by MasterCard for Milan EXPO 2015 and for the “EXPO in città” project, the agency FourWard Events was managing all the activities held in the pavilion with the patronage of the municipality of Milano. The location chosen for the installation is the roof of Palazzo Beltrami, home of Intesa Sanpaolo Museum “Gallerie d’Italia” at Piazza della Scala, the heart of Milano.

Park Associati – Priceless Milano, PH: Andrea Martiradonna

The project presents a number of integrated features of varying degrees of complexity forming a sophisticated building programme that brings together architecture and interior design carefully created right down to the most minute detail. The aim was to create a distinctive but not over-imposing form that confronts rather than collides with miscellaneous urban surroundings.
The pavilion is covered with a perforated, press-formed, anodized aluminium skin in bronze/gold shades. The aluminium skin that rests on top of the restaurant units like a wing is held in position in the middle by 8 “invisible” supports.
This “sail” is designed to protect the structure against solar radiation, also ensuring conditions on the terrace below are comfortable: its broken-wing shape creates an overall sense of lightness and suspension.
Guests are involved in a unique food and view experience. For the occasion sliding walls can be used to separate the kitchen area from the dining area. The table lifts up to the ceiling and the space can be completely opened up.
The pavilion is open to the general public for bookings and can accommodate up to 24 seated guests around one single table (plus the restaurant staff) or, alternatively, 66 people standing for special events.

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