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Francesco Meda



Francesco Meda has created Woody stool and chair for Molteni. Thanks to the use of robotic machinery it was possible to build wooden objects with light lines.

Francesco Meda – Woody Chair for Molteni

Could you speak about Woody for Molteni?

The project came about through a very precise brief from the company. They wanted a wooden chair that was light, had the quality that distinguishes Molteni and at the same time was accessible to a fairly wide range of consumers. The structural parts of the chairs almost seem to be crafted from a single wooden block. In reality they are perfectly assembled pieces. This was possible thanks to the use of 5-axis numerical control machines that allow you to create complex shapes with the precision of a robot.

Francesco Meda – Woody Chair for Molteni

A particular technical solution is also the assembly of the seat and the backrest, which are assembled without the use of a single screw, through interlocking joints. In this case, this solution has been advantageous because while the structural part is always in wood, the seat and back are composed of several materials. A stool and a small easy-chair without arms also emerged from this project.