Wiz Magic Wand designed for Wired by Giulio Iacchetti



Giulio Iacchetti tells us about the project of Wiz, the magic wand.
Yes, I wrote well: a magic wand to design everything!

Giulio Iacchetti – Wiz Magic Wand for Wired – 2018

Can you talk about the Wiz project??

It’s a project that made us have a lot of fun. It all started because those from Wired asked me if I had ever designed a technological object that had the ability to glimpse the future. Joking my first answer was: “it would be convenient to have a magic wand to design everything we want”. If you think about it, it is also a way of saying, “it would take a magic wand” to do one of the many things we want but it is not possible to achieve.

Giulio Iacchetti – Wiz Magic Wand for Wired – 2018

From here the Wiz project started. We began to imagine non-concrete realities where we could use the wand. The possibility of creating a product that worked on an idea far from the practical aspect stimulated us a lot. The real project was not the form, but the media approach to an object that would have never existed.