Wespi de Meuron Romeo studio explains the GR house on Lake Maggiore



This project looks like a large concrete monolith placed on the hills of Lake Maggiore that was dug to make a house.

House GR./ER. in S.Abbondio – Photo: Hannes Henz

House GR./ER. in S.Abbondio seems to be all in concrete. How was it built?
This house is located in San Abbondio, a village on Lake Maggiore. The design approach is similar to RI. which is also located on Lake Maggiore, but on the other side. The idea is to start from a monolith and remove volumes to obtain all the functional spaces and the various openings.
Even the lodge was obtained by removing volumes from the initial solid. The lodge was conceived as if it was a continuum of interior spaces. On the facades the views have an apparently casual disposition and at first glance it is not easy to understand how many floors the house has.
The entrance is from the bottom where the various rooms are located. Through the straight staircase it is possible to go up to the top floor where the living area is located.
For the structure we used concrete on sight and the formwork was made with rough boards as it was once done to make the sign of the wood visible.

Looking at the pictures most of the walls are in concrete both inside and outside, how did you do for the thermal insulation?
In reality it is not really like that, the lower floors with the rooms inside are plastered, so we could install insulation on the internal surfaces.
On the top floor all the walls visible from the living area are in concrete on sight but if we look closely at the plant, taking advantage of the volumes, we have almost always been able to avoid having a masonry with both visible surfaces. Only in a small area we had to use a double wall with interposed insulation.

House GR./ER. in S.Abbondio – Photo: Hannes Henz