Seamless in pastel by Natascha Van Reeth

The young designer Natascha Van Reeth, founder of the Tasch Design studio in Antwerp, created the elegant and minimal set of knives “Seamless in Pastel” using exclusively HI-MACS® Lucent.
The extremely sharp blade is softened by the bright pastel colors, which give the knives a “soft” appearance. The designer has chosen HI-MACS® for all its extraordinary properties: the material is not absolutely porous, any scratches are easy to remove and, thanks to the absence of visible joints, dirt and bacteria cannot contaminate the knives thus becoming ideal tools for use in the kitchen. The set consists of a chopping board that takes on the dual function of a knife holder and a tray for presenting appetizer and aperitif dishes.
“I discovered Lucent colors in the” Artindus “workshop in Antwerp, which uses different colors of HI-MACS®: the Lucent collection struck me, as I love pastel colors. I was able to imagine my knives, smooth and soft, in contrast to the ‘danger’ and the sharpness that normally characterize a knife “, says the designer. “During their design, it was a must to present certain characteristics: they had to be sharp, clean, modern and elegant. Furthermore, it was important that they respected the environment, so I had to think about how my project could reduce waste production (the The construction sector is responsible for 30% of waste worldwide. I therefore decided to use clippings and scraps of other HI-MACS® objects “.