NONÒ by Stefano Soave


image ©Stefano Soave




Alma Design


NONÒ, a thesis project by Stefano Soave later produced by the company Alma Design, is a tribute to Bruno Munari’s chairs for short visits and to the saddle by Achille Castiglioni.
Drawing inspiration from the idea of temporariness and passage, this project intends to design a hybrid chair, NO chair and NO stool, neither chair nor stool, which does not replace the function of these two traditional sessions, but make up for a new need , that of a temporary support in a moment of short wait or transit.
The support allows you to remain in a semi-seated position, ready to start again, and at the same time to partially unload the weight of the body, creating the necessary comfort for those little moments of pause in a frenetic routine.
The small central hole adds another element to the dynamism and functionality of the seat, allowing it to be moved and stacked quickly.