Casa Eh project described by Luca Romeo



Casa Eh. is a very interesting intervention that shows how often the ability to remove is the best means to build.

casa eh

Can you tell us about the project of Casa Eh. in Feldberg, Germany?
The clients were already our customers who decided to move from Switzerland to Germany, in the north of Berlin. The house was protected and the external appearance had to be maintained. The interior, however, was free from constraints and we discovered the old terracotta walls, already spaced from the plaster. So, we realized that there was considerable potential for making a good project.
We have enhanced the exposed brick walls and where necessary they have been rebuilt or completed. Therefore, to carry out the reconstructions we found the bricks from old buildings in the area, and this research was quite laborious. The floor is a visible grout.
One of the clients is a scholar of literature, so he expressed the need to have plenty of space to house the books. The bookcases that occupy about 200 square meters of surface have therefore become an integral part of Casa Eh. project.