Landscape by Giacomo Costa. The sea made of rock



These shots by Giacomo Costa leave us confused because they don’t allow us to understand the consistency of what we are seeing. Water, mountains, magma? The charm of these works is precisely in the sense of uncertainty that rises to us.

Giacomo Costa – Landscape 1_2_5 – 2012

Can you talk about the Landscape series of 2012 – 2013?

The thing that amuses me a bit about these shots is that many people looking at them see us in stormy waters, while when I designed them I always considered them mountains! Over time, having listened the opinion of spectators, I too began to consider them seas, or rather a world where there is now nothing left and this is a sort of unnatural moving magma. This series of works represents well a concept

dear to me that is to use the power of photography and computer graphics programs to bring people into worlds that do not exist. These works seem almost like photographs, instead they are a parallel reality built by me. Working on this boundary between real and unreal and leaving the observer with a first feeling of disorientation is one of the objectives of my work.

Giacomo Costa – Landscape 1_5_2 – 2012