HIDDEN GLORIES by Thalea Schmalenberg

In the Baroque period, one way to demonstrate social power was by ornate crockery and glassware that contrasted with the plain clay pots used by the ordinary folk. Today, on the other hand, luxury is reflected more in a deliberate simplicity, in clean lines and quality craftsmanship. The associations have been reversed.
 The two-part drinking vessels of the Hidden Glories series portray this reversal in the contrasting use of the socially connoted materials. While, with their complex, digitally reproducible ornamentation, the feet made of printed clay appear to be of a high quality, the glass parts resting on them lack any decoration. Instead, they exhibit the subtle irregularities of individual pieces made using an old technique (glassblowing in clay moulds). The separation of the spheres is not abolished, but rather recoded.