Ferrari by Massimo Siragusa



Ferrari asked Massimo Siragusa to give his own interpretation of what is one of the most famous automotive companies in the world.

Massimo Siragusa – Ferrari – 2018

Can you talk about this work done for Ferrari?

This is a project that was commissioned by the factory. I was asked to take photos of the production area and the only guideline I was given was that to introduce the colour red in every single image. Apart from that, I had carte blanche.

There is a picture which is completely red. Have you altered it in post-production?

No. That represents a phase of the shells’s construction which are made inside a sort of plexyglass clad tunnel. As a matter of safety the perspex is red and by shooting through it, it seems there was a coloured gel on the lens.

Massimo Siragusa – Ferrari – 2018