Applesauna: period of repose by noa*network of architecture


Alex Filz



Stefan Rier, co-founder of noa*network of architecture, tells us how the idea of sauna in a small green hill was born. This small project shows us how today a certain type of architecture is more interested in communicating some messages instead of looking for formal styles.

Zallinger Refuge – Alpe di Siusi (BZ) – Italia – Photo: Alex Filz

Can you tell us about the Applesauna project for the Apfelhotel Torgglerhof?

The client is a peasant family that grows apples and all its derivatives. One of the things that impressed me most about that period was the apple juice and the vinegar. Every time I finish it I have to go back to Saltusio, because it is the only one I really like! The life of this family revolves around apples and for them the simple lifestyle is a philosophy of life. I’ll tell you all this because we wanted this little project to reflect the values ​​that are dear to these people. This is how the Applesauna idea was born.

Zallinger Refuge – Alpe di Siusi (BZ) – Italia – Photo: Alex Filz

Inside there is a sauna overlooking the apple orchard but outside, on its surface, it is still possible to plant trees. This intervention together with a small area destined for the rooms, obtained from the old barn, was a first intervention. Now we are doing a more important expansion that will significantly increase the number of rooms and where we will also have pools.

Zallinger Refuge – Alpe di Siusi (BZ) – Italia – Photo: Alex Filz