Polo del Gusto by EXiT architetti associati

Polo del Gusto by EXiT architetti associati

Polo del Gusto by EXiT architetti associati


image ©Marco Zanta




Pieve di Soligo, Italy

The Polo del Gusto is a pavilion for exposition, and a dialogue with nature. To juxtapose with the linear silhouette that lies horizontally within the garden. The pavilion’s glazed front façade is characterised by a series of vertical metal blades.  Resonating with the trees in front of and reflecting on the pavilion. The arbitrary placement of those vertical blades enhances the concept of connecting the chromatic mutability between built and existing environment. In addition, the shadows of those blades interact with the ambience of the garden that changes through season, leading to a dynamic lighting and shading experience within the pavilion. The interior of the pavilion is minimalistic, meanwhile emphasises our respect on cultures. As the flooring is a type of polished concrete that resembles Venetian Terrazzo, a traditional material from the hands of craftsman in the Veneto region. A chromatic symphony is achieved through the integration of materials. Glass, metal and concrete – that frame the pre-exist ancient structure behind. All celebrating the richness of this brutalist monument of time in a non-rhetorical and fearful way.

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