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With remote working on the rise, our lifestyle has become even more sedentary. If we want to have a healthy body and a healthy mind, we need to exercise in ways that are engaging and entertaining.
Playpulse One fully integrates exercise and fun. Created for Norwegian startup Playpulse, it is a gaming bike designed to turn workouts into an entertainment experience by combining sports hardware with gaming interfaces. Custom games provide both high and low-intensity workouts which can benefit the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improve metabolism, and lift mood.

Playpulse One’s design was informed by research into ergonomic workout hardware and state-of-the-art gaming technology. It is unisex, universal and essential. The bike’s trim size makes it suitable for any home. The frame is a slim, seamless structure that looks light, almost floating on the metal base. The adjustable seat and monitor posts will fit most users, from kids to adults.
Playpulse One also features pedals with movement sensors, a 24” multi-touch display and an integrated gaming computer with custom graphics for a fully immersive gaming experience.

Gaming controllers are integrated in the handlebar for a more intuitive and engaging workout. Heart rate sensors are embedded into the controllers for continuous heart rate monitoring. The bike also connects wirelessly to the internet for multiplayer modes and to access streaming services for video and music.
Playpulse One provides a new and exciting workout experience at home for every user.
Striving for more wins, users burn calories while having fun.
Playpulse One won the Red Dot Award, Product Design 2021

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