Petit Bastone by Antrei Hartikainen


Antrei Hartikainen


Arsi Ikäheimonen






Antrei Hartikainen, @antreihartikainen

PETIT BASTONE creates a natural continuum to Bastone Collection.
Standing at the forefront of art and design, the Bastone Collection showcases Hartikainen’s interest in studying light and shadow and his appreciation of craftsmanship.
The exterior of the Petit sideboard, sideboard and the cabinet are partly open, partly covered by round and narrow strips of wood.
The inspiration behind the Bastone collection comes from nature: when spending time outdoors, Hartikainen always admired the tall and sparse woods where one can see how the light shifts through the trees.
“I wanted to reflect that experience by creating a similar effect for the cabinets: the wooden dowel rods create an arched form that is riddled with light.”

Petit Bastone continues the Bastone collection by offering a smaller sized option to its preceding pieces of furniture: The Bastone Cabinet and the Bastone Sideboard.
Due to its petite size, the Petit Bastone Sideboard has the capability to adapt to smaller spaces and different types of apartments.
The creative collaboration with POIAT started in 2017 when Poiat Studio and Hartikainen co-designed Poiat’s Fiori collection. The Bastone collection intertwines Antrei’s master cabinetmaker experience, vision and aesthetics all together: bringing out the elements that he tries to communicate in his works.

Text provided by Designer

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