Personal Altar by Studio Michael Varga


Studio Michael Varga


Michael Varga





In this place my past and future, my memories and my dreams and desires find place. It is about the general need to believe or hold on to something – independent of any religion.
Which things are irreplaceable? It is found, given, bought. Together they are memories in form of an object and mostly with a fixed location.

Stacked like a Totem the cited forms should stimulate an individual and freely interpretable use: hang, place, hide, … The known forms of the altar should be symbiosis with the objects placed on it, so that neither of them gets more attention.

The cast rough bronze surface takes itself back, embodies no trend, but consistency and gives the objects placed on the religion-independent altar a safe place.

Bronze has many poetic qualities. It was poured hundreds or thousands of years ago, buried, dug up again and maybe mixed with much older bronze. What was it before – a sword, a sculpture, or an everyday object? A dying and being resurrected. The bronze stands for consistency as well as survival and carrying of history and memories. The theoretical confrontation with the material was a big inspiration for Michael Varga to create a save place that respects personal memories.

Text provided by Designer

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