Paradisveien by Arkitekt Folstad Knut


Arkitekt Folstad Knut 

Arkitekt Folstad Knut 




Stavanger, Norway

Renovation of a century old wooden villa in Stavanger, Norway. The timber construction had potential in its symmetrical logic and the priority became decluttering the spaces, strengthening the cross-plan flanked by two balconies on either side and as the budget was strictly limited, creating a strong hierarchy involving revealing as much beauty as possible inherent in the building. In many regards it’s a small project, but still posed a lot of questions – How does one create a sense of generosity and explore-able space within a relatively limited area.
The resulting project creates an open plan, redrawing the cross and letting the rooms flow from intimacy to overview, from reclusion to socialization, centered around the intersection between the cross arms, marked by a staircase of strong geometry. Always respecting the houses character. All furniture were drawn to the project and I had the pleasure to revisit a previously developed kitchen design of black steel frame and simple mounting options and further improve the robustness of it.

Text provided by the architect

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