Palazzo Missori by Fabio Fantolino

Palazzo Missori by Fabio Fantolino

Palazzo Missori by Fabio Fantolino


Fabio Fantolino




Milano, Italia

Fabio Fantolino tells us about the restoration of this historic building in Milan. A wise use of precious materials and rational forms that refer to the past century have been mixed with the functional needs of modernity.

Palazzo Missori – Fabio Fantolino

Could you tell us about this project?

It is a building intended mainly for offices, but there are apartments present on the upper floors. During the design stage, this state of affairs has strongly influenced our aesthetic and functional choices. In this project we have tried to ensure that the subjects of the architectural composition were at the same time in harmony and contrast.

Palazzo Missori – Fabio Fantolino

This is why we are able to find, for example, in the same environment marble and a minimalist counter top that relate to a very technical scheme, and wainscoting that recalls styles of the past. The result of these mixtures is an environment with an elegant, retro and contemporary tone.

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