Origin Collection by Mario Tsai


Mario Tsai


Mario Tsai, Xu Xiaodong






Mario Tsai, @mariotsai_studio

Modern technology and tools make everyday work and life more convenient, but according to Mario Tsai, they also gradually hinder our human instincts and sensitivities. The Origin collection is a design performance reflecting on this social phenomenon. Axes and fire formed the basic tools of human civilisation in primitive times. In today’s society, how can we still create objects that fulfil the needs of our primitive instincts?

To this end, the designer hired a carpenter from the Hangzhou countryside to shape the furniture through the organic methods of log-cutting and fire-burning. All the processes used to complete The Origin are based on instinctive human wisdom. The process of creating tools to carry out the project, using native materials and existing conditions was also the best way of expressing the idea of locality in contemporary design.

The Origin is not a criticism of modern society but rather a design experiment that can inspire people to enhance their consciousness of independent thinking and sensitivity. The manufacturing process in the series is almost like a form of performance art. The final products still belongs in the category of modern design but is accompanied by a unique twist in production procedure.

Text provided by Designer

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