One Fold by Fabian Prissok

One Fold by Fabian Prissok

One Fold by Fabian Prissok


Fabian Prissok


image ©Leon Klaßen





The ‘One Fold’ furniture was developed alongside an unique manufacturing process suited to acrylic glass sheets. A single piece of acrylic glass is formed into a monolithic piece of furniture. The thermoplastic glass material suggests a deformation by heating itself.
Heated along precisely defined folding lines the otherwise solid material becomes malleable and can be folded into the desired shape. In doing so, the sheet material becomes hot and flexible, where it is supposed to change its form, and it stays cold and stiff, where it is supposed to keep its form.
Rather than conventionally folding every edge step by step, all folds are achieved simultaneously, in just one motion. This way the flat raw material surprisingly fast gets formed into a three dimensional object.
The absence of all technical details and joints in the structure itself, not only gives the furniture its solidness, but also defines its plain appearance.

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