Notiz Hotel by Studio OAK


Studio OAK


Erikjan Koopmans




Leeuwarden, Netherlands


Notiz Hotel in Leeuwarden and Studio OAK started an interesting collaboration. The challenge: ‘’To blend the characteristics of Leeuwarden (Frisian) with luxury, sustainability and integrated home automation. The combination of extensive research for the right materials, some guts and a perfect application created the desired outcome.

“Studio OAK especially helped us with the choices for materials that fit well together” – Anton van der Sluis, NHL Stenden Hospitality Group. For example, with a concrete floor as a base, supplemented with second-hand furniture and the right materials, the hotel exudes the luxury we want.

The hotel has a young and hip appearance that completely suits the target group of hotel management students who work and learn there. That is exactly what was envisioned when the collaboration started. Upon entering you are welcomed by the characteristic Frisian features. The latest digital developments complete the stay in the luxury suites.

Text provided by Architect

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