Nest Collection by Form Us With Love for Halle


Form Us With Love


Jonas Lindström




+Halle – Denmark


The nest collection from danish brand + Halle, designed by swedish studio Form Us With love is expanding. Wooden oak legs, curated Kvadrat upholstery and a new high back Easy chair, bring energy and character to an already eclectic range, shown in it’s full entirety at orgatec this october.

This refined collection seeks to explore sheltering, in what could be seen as reassessment of open spaces. Triggered by the idea of gatherings, the nest collection vividly plays with ideas of high and low, with seats perching on slim wood and steel legs in small clusters.

‘When extending the range, we wanted to add an unenclosed but somewhat secluded seat. the result is the new Easy nest, a clean cut, high back armchair — a perfect covering, short of blocking your field of view.’ says John löfgren, Founder and Creative director at Form Us With love.

The nest Easy chair is a mastering of angels, a comfortable and heartfelt nest to crawl into for a good read or be seated in for a profound conversation. The walls humbly embrace a widened seat, leaving plenty of space for pillows or blankets. ‘Nest is all about understanding the gap between public and private spaces. Our ambition was always to make you effortlessly remain seated in that perfect balance between taking a break and remaining active,’ says Jonas Pettersson, Founder and CEo of Form Us With love.

In parallel to designing the new high back chair, a curated assortment of soft tones, brightly coloured, and differently textured Kvadrat textiles where applied to the collection, including textiles designed by Alfred Häberli, Raf simons, and Arika Minagawa.

‘Form Us With love and +Halle perfectly match each other’s ambitions. We are young and dynamic. We both want to push existing limits to create products that actually adds long-term value to the people using it. Not just another chair but furniture that makes a difference and improves people’s ability to meet, relax, be creative and work collaboratively,’ says Martin Halle, nordic sales director at +Halle. It is precisely this youthful sense of flexibility that the nest collection provides, an alternative typology to the traditional lounge: accommodating upright, relaxed as well as secluded seating.

‘+ Halle is a skilled manufacturer, who develops and produces furniture for institutions, airports, offices, and other public spaces. No matter the location, the quality at hand remains—together we came to a joint future ambition, providing people with the means to a dynamic break or an informal meeting, nurturing new big ideas,’ Jonas Pettersson, concludes.

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