Nest by Errin Kancal

Nest by Errin Kancal

Nest by Errin Kancal


Errin Kancal


image ©Errin Kancal




Chicago, U.S.A.


Errin Kancal

Nest Collection is a series based on form and functionality. The lines are intentionally strong and distinct, while soft and purposeful. Errin’s travels have inspired her design concepts throughout her collections. In designing the Nest, she had public and private seating with a purpose in her mind. A place to relax with peace of mind. The idea of resting at ease while enjoying a cup of coffee, a meal, a chat with friends while on the go, carrying a handbag, or packages, and having a safe place to set these  items down, brought the Nest to life. The lines of this collection, came as a whisper from nature. The twigs needed to secure a nest are fitted for comfort and security – a safe basin that supports life. Each piece of the collection is cut and assembled for a precise fit, secured and stabilized for reliability. Nest Lounge is our newest member in the Nest collection, designed for hospitality – a plush vibe, roomy, with the signature nook to keep things safe.

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