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Foshan, China


The project is located on the corner of the old street of Tongji Road, Foshan, Guangdong, hidden in lush trees. In the old days, the structure of the building was complicated, the indoor lighting was insufficient, the external shape was irregular, and the indoor pillars were inconsistent in size. Under these constraints, it is the designer’s challenge to preserve the mottled traces of the building while integrating the functional diversity of spatial planning and incorporating the lion culture of Foshan into the unique soul and color of a quality coffee.
The facade adopts a large area of floor-to-ceiling glass to maximize the introduction of light and natural beauty into the interior. While improving the lighting problem, it also adds a little vitality to the dull space. Under the envelope of light, the exquisite metal lion head LOGO and the original vicissitudes of the concrete column complement each other, and the simple beauty directly reaches the hearts of the people.

The entrance is a transition channel surrounded by old wood on all four sides. It is different from the gray tone of the interior, creating a visually contrasting warm and cold. The stone lion on the end crouched in the soft light. A white strip-shaped device with a wooden structure protrudes from the wall gap, using the doorway as a starting point, and the combined function continues and changes. From the high and low bar counters looking out of the window, to the coffee operation console, to the ceiling that houses the projection screen, and finally to the ground to become a wall. It is like a lion’s tail dancing, leaping in the air, flexibly walking between spaces, forming a undulating shape throughout the space, weakening the existence of the original cement pillar.
Entering the coffee store, a wooden square bar occupies the center of the space and can be seated around. The cement column with its original appearance in the center extends indefinitely along the mirror stainless steel plate, staring at itself in the reflection, coexistence of virtual and reality. Both the ceiling and the beam and pillar remain in their original state. The old wooden boards and tiles that have been baptized by time are distributed in all corners to continue their stories in new forms.

In the display rack next to the bar, layers of glass shuttle through the old wooden room, breaking through the wall and extending into the washstand, blurring the boundaries of the space. Introduce the tiles from the old Lingnan houses into the space, and combine with the light bulb to act as a lampshade, so that the old objects can rejuvenate and become a unique symbol of space. The corners surrounding the bar are of different shapes, but against the background of the traces of the years, it looks extra natural. The collision between the new and the old is no longer a confrontation, but a tolerance. Even people who are ignorant of their lives can live together harmoniously under this tolerance and have a good time.
On the window sill in dialogue with nature, in the closeable private space, in the corner of the wall, beside the oval bar made of old wood, sit against the window, and you can see the four seasons of trees outside the window. Inside, you can enjoy the scent of coffee, you just need to empty yourself and leave a corner for your soul.

Text provided by Architect

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