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Muista is an intuitive universal ergonomic home office balancing chair designed for active sitting.

New routines
Working from home has long stopped being an exceptional circumstance or limited to a few professions – it has become a new reality, which is here to stay. Whatever our age, gender or occupation, we require a simple and healthy sitting solution, embracing the flexibility of our times and diversity of our bodies. Agendas might vary, but Muista chair proves to be one universal assistant – taking up minimum space while providing maximum support. Muista is a healthy alternative to a regular desk chair, suitable for any environment.

Science for active sitting
The birth of Muista was inspired by science. “Keep fidgeting, it might cancel out the negative effects of prolonged sitting” – this was the headline of an IFLScience article, triggering the idea of a simple ergonomic sitting solution, that would not compromise on movement. It’s all in the name – Muista comes from a Lithuanian word ‘mùistytis’ – to fidget. Our work is ongoing and our vision is clear – We strive to change the concept of sitting to embrace and encourage movement, balance and flexibility, making the damage from static sitting the thing of the past. And make fidgeting great again!

Recommended by physical therapists
Muista chair was designed with the help of professional physical therapists – it creates sitting conditions that strengthen the body’s core stabilizers, train the sense of balance and exercise multiple muscle groups, thus naturally straightening the back, preventing pain, and improving flexibility – all integrated into our daily sitting routine.

Unique sitting principle – no restrictions
Muista is the chair capable of providing freedom rather than restriction. The unique 2 in 1 design supports both saddle and bench-like sitting positions, altered by a simple turn of the chair, thus facilitating forward or sideways motion. It was created to embrace a wide variety of micromovements and encourage change – imperative for a healthy body and mind. Whether moving forward or sideways, it intuitively rocks you into calm, or pushes into action, creating a loop of harmony between the mind and the body – one moves as other follows. No more strict chairs – Muista is there to allow. To rock, to sway, to pause, to dance, to fidget. It’s all about balance.

One for all
Muista proves there is no need for an individual chair per problem or occupation anymore. No compromise – on movement, on style, on space, on age, on activity. The universal health benefits stretch out to provide help for more complex or particular issues that require embracing movement and maintaining focus while sitting – such as the Autism and ADHD spectre. Muista provides support for professional musicians, helps kids while studying, and trains the sense of balance in the elderly.

Health benefits:
• Makes the back stronger
• Helps to concentrate
• Improves the sense of balance
• Boosts blood flow and circulation
• Reduces stress

Strength & Durability Test
Muista has successfully passed a custom-built test – it withstood a 1 month of 250 000 times rocking back and forth with a load of 110 kg. That means, if rocking on Muista at least 50 times per day during workdays, it should be possible to do so for 10 years minimum.
Muista chair fully complies with the standard EN 12520:2015 strength and durability requirements. It does not comply with stability requirements of the same test, these not being applicable to Muista, due to it being a balancing chair.

What goes inside Muista chairs
• Robust press-moulded birch or beech plywood frame
• High density injection-moulded PU foam seat
• Protective amortizing rubber feet pads
• Upholstery composition – 88% new pure wool, 12% PA

The Company
Muista is a small furniture design brand based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Founded by a former book designer Aurimas Lažinskas and his cousin Gytis Štaras back in 2017, Muista strives to produce quality chairs for maximum longevity and to promote the idea of active sitting – a crucial concept for the modern era of endless sitting routines.
The main Muista components are produced closeby within the EU by five experienced manufacturers. We do all of the assembly, packaging and some of the finishing procedures in our Vilnius studio.

Text provided by Designer

Muista chair sitting has never been so much fun.
Studio Muista kindly gave us the chance to try their product and our experience was really great.

The first thing you notice in addition to the particular shape, reminiscent of the horse saddle, is the actual quality of the materials that compose it.
The plywood structure is solid and stable to oscillations and the padding of the PU foam seat is compact and comfortable covered in soft wool. The careful attention to detail is reflected in smooth edges throughout the structure and non-slip rubber strips under the tracks, which silently cushion the support and oscillating movement in contact with the floor.

The curvature of the tracks makes the oscillating movement soft and linear, whether sitting in a classic way or on horseback, there is always the desire to swing and change position, transmitting a feeling of relaxation and concentration. The ergonomically designed structure safely guarantees correct posture of the spine during hours of use, while at the same time doing physical exercise, excellent for both work and leisure. The small size makes it versatile and efficient for any environment. The Muista chair immediately attracts attention inside the room, despite its minimal and discreet line, its playful shape immediately invites you to try it.

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