MONO Auditorium Seat by Philip Kronqvist for Hamari


Philip Kronqvist








The motivation for designing a new auditorium seat was the desire to create a chair with very good seating ergonomics, an extremely uncluttered, minimalistic visual appearance, a sustainable use of materials, excellent acoustic qualities, and the possibility to use the same basic design for different types of seats.
The ergonomic formula for Mono is based on my personal studies, scientific research and my past design experience for similar kinds of projects, including seating for different concert halls, theatres and auditoriums.

A key design principle was to reduce visual clutter as much as technically possible.
The old expression “less is more” is still valid.
Another design principle was having both form and function equally emphasized, creating a perfect end result, where neither one is a compromise – a good marriage between aesthetics and function.
Mono is equipped with a synchronous mechanism for the seat and armrests.
The folded seats are slim which is saving space between the rows in an auditorium – a compact design for easy egress in case of an emergency.

Mono is available in different types – all based on the same basic design:
• a fixed auditorium seat – one backrest height at the moment- shoulder support under development
• a foldable chair for telescopic tribunes or stands
• a swivel chair for waiting areas
• a wall mounted model
• a foldaway seat, which can be folded into the floor structure for storage

Text provided by Hamari

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