Mindchine by Federico Babina

Mindchine by Federico Babina

Mindchine by Federico Babina


Federico Babina


Personal project



In Mindchine, one of his latest projects, Federico Babina has enjoyed conceiving useless and at the same time useful machines because they are capable of representing moods.

MINDCHINE – Federico Babina – 2019

Can you talk about the Mindchine project?

The project came about because I am very interested in machinery and their mechanisms, especially if they have no use whatsoever. I even like to deal with topics such as the moods and the mind, so I wanted to give a totally personal albeit not perfect interpretation of these topics. I invented a useless machine that represents a state of mind where every single component is part of the main theme; they are small photographs that narrate my thoughts.

MINDCHINE – Federico Babina – 2019
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