MH House by Ruinelli Associati

MH House by Ruinelli Associati

MH House by Ruinelli Associati


Ralph Feiner



The shape of this house was conceived by imagining an erratic boulder coming down from the mountain.

House MH- Ruinelli Associati – Photo: Ralph Feiner

Can you tell us about the Casa MH project? Lu Val Monastero (2014)

The building is located in a very steep meadow, sandwiched between the end of village and the beginning of landscape.

Its non-rectangular and without right angles shape was made so as to convey the impression of ​an erratic boulder descending from the mountain and landing on the meadow.

Thinking about the construction of the building, we knew that we wanted something palpable and massive that would give the idea of ​​the erratic boulder. Although the concrete would have worked well, its grey colour wouldn’t have especially since we wanted to achieve a shade similar to the Val Monastero’s old houses whose yellowish colour is the result of the less refined lime used in the old days.

House MH- Ruinelli Associati – Photo: Ralph Feiner

In the nearby Vinschgau valley, there is a marble quarry and that gave me the idea of mixing the marble dust with the concrete. As we know, concrete has a granulometry of aggregates ranging from 0 to 32mm. After varies experiments we were able to obtain the effect we aimed for by replacing the aggregates with a grain size of up to 8mm with marble. The experiments helped us to understand the visible effects as well as the mechanical properties, especially the effects in the cold weather. Another characteristic of this specially made concrete is the non-smooth surface which obtained by working it when dried. In fact this treatment was carried out on the entire façade excluding the window edges

House MH- Ruinelli Associati – Photo: Ralph Feiner
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