Mgf House by Gianluigi Moreschi


Gianluigi Moreschi

Marcello Mariana




Sondrio, Italy


The apartment is locaded in the old town of Sondrio, inside a building dating back to the 17th century. A volume altered over the years and then abandoned. The intervention aimed to bring everything to its ancient splendor, affecting as little as possible the feeling of welcome and beauty transmitted during the first visit. The works required the intervention of local skilled workers for a careful, scrupulous, almost maniacal recovery of the original parts both for the ceilings, floors and walls. The unit consists of a main space where the living area is located and a room that houses the sleeping area, a “stua” in stone pine wood which with its scent and workmanship creates a sublime environment. The open part has been enriched by a small mezzanine where you can relax, accessible from the custom-made staircase that turns into a real container. In the bathroom, brushed local stone is proposed, four custom-made slabs, numbered and laid in a filing cabinet with grain flowing towards the drain of the shower tray. This is achieved by excavating one of the slabs making up the floor. The protective glass is set in the stone without any connecting element perceiving the material continuity.

The kitchen block was made to order, completely in wood and then white lacquered as if to blend in with the purity

of the walls, letting the ceiling take over. Particular attention was paid to the choice of furnishings in symbiosis

between the designer and the client, giving priority to the made in Italy.

Text provided by the architect

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