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Sydney, Australia


It is at the Marrickville Library of Architecture BVN, Sydney (AUS), an extraordinary library in the town of Marrickville (Australia), to which Rubner Holzbau contributed, who went – “for the multiple uses of wood and extraordinary design” – the first prize of the Australian Timber Design Award, the Australian design competition that rewards great architectural works in wood. But for Rubner Holzbau it is not the only recognition: first place also in the “Stand alone structure” category with the Chadstone Link.

Marrickville Library

Multifaceted aggregation space whose innovative design combines cutting-edge technologies and sustainability, Marrickville Library was born from the recovery of the abandoned spaces of an old hospital. To support the structure of the generously sized “accordion” roof and the facade including the parapets, 54 columns with a circular section between 3 and 9.3 meters high that Rubner Holzbau built in his factory in Bressanone with controlled machinery which ensured a millimeter precision which was fundamental for the realization of the steel elements used to facilitate the fixing of the facade and the parapets to the columns. In addition to the construction of the columns, Rubner Holzbau also took care of the supply of hybrid solutions in steel and wood and that of the entire facade, marked by a dense warping of straight and curved uprights in laminated wood cut to size.

The attention to sustainability transpires not only from the adaptive reuse of the former hospital building but from the same characteristics of the building project which has natural and mixed convection ventilation systems, raised floors, roof overhangs calculated to benefit from the solar exposure, a series of rainwater collection tanks and an external sunscreen system. And in terms of materials, it ranges from the use of 27,000 recycled bricks to wooden elements, all PEFC certified and made with timber from sustainable forestry.

Chadstone Link

As part of the same competition, Rubner Holzbau won in the “Stand alone structure” category with the Chadstone Link, the monumental passage that connects the “Chadstone” shopping center with the “Tower One” office building and the Hotel Chadstone of the Sofitel hotel group, whose pole of attraction is the cross vault in laminated wood where 31 elements in larch wood of different sizes with a height between 3 and 15 meters come together to create 15 wooden vaults crossed at the apex and covered there with a textile membrane. The work was created by Rubner Holzbau in just 20 weeks. With decades of experience behind him and an annual production of an average of 20,000 m³ of glulam, 20,000 m2 of universal panels and 8,000 m³ of multilayer X-Lam cross-fiber panels, Rubner Holzbau is the most dynamic and technologically advanced sector in the Rubner Group.

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