Davit Ruiz




Madrid, Spain


The house, located in the first floor of a building in the Ríos Rosas neighbourhood of in Madrid, was found with its original distribution, characterized by multiple fragmented spaces: arranged around an interior patio and connected by long and dark corridors. The challenge of this intervention was to create a fluid space that searched for the maximum light and broadened the views inside the house.

One simple strategy is followed to articulate the whole project:
the gap between the forniture sliding volumes give access to the different rooms, avoiding corridors and turning the house into a succession of open spaces. Pivot doors, located at the gaps, accentuate the fluidity of the space letting see the limits of volumes of furniture that organize the home.

The transition between the entrance and the main living room, located at opposite ends, is solved by means of two methods: indirect lighting coming through wooden slats; and the alternation of three pavement materials: oak wood, Marquina marble and Macael marble. These elements are arranged in perpendicular strips to the black furniture volumes, a decisión that will continue throughout the whole project, drawing on the floor and ceiling the boundaries between the different rooms of the house.

Thanks to the sliding arrangement of the furniture pieces, displayed along the elongated interior of the house, large longitudinal visuals are generated between the street and the interior allowing to gain luminosity and maintaining a continuous contact with the outside from all the spaces of the house.

The articulation of the project by the sliding arrangement of the furniture volumes turns the house into a concatenation of interconnected light-seeking spaces.

Text provided by Architect

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