Leisure Time by Massimo Siragusa

Leisure Time by Massimo Siragusa

Leisure Time by Massimo Siragusa


personal project



Massimo Siragusa has gone to places of mass tourism. He wants to find out why they are so attractive for many people.

Leisure Time – Massimo Siragusa, 2005 

Can you talk about this project?

The idea was to tell the tales of Italian people on guided holidays. I went to various playgrounds and other places of mass tourism. I wanted to understand what it was like to spend time in artificial places where the beaches, palm trees and fountains were made of plastic. I wanted to understand as to why in Italy, a place where we can find extraordinary natural beauty, many people chose articificial rather than the real thing.

Leisure Time – Massimo Siragusa – 2005 
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