Le Clos Douet by Altobraco



Simone Bossi




Heuland, France

The land is in the humid, rural and green territory of Normandy and more precisely in the north-east of Calvados. The project, located 10 km from the sea, has very marked characteristics of the Lower Normandy region. The main body of the house is a half-timbered construction, thatched roof and stone base and welcomes its extension with a contemporary language to offer this family an additional xx m².

The project is part of a context and architecture typical of the Lower Normandy region. The house is organized in two parallelepipeds covered in wood, whose simplicity highlights the rhythms of the surrounding nature. The parallel insertion of volumes between a stone wall and a new wooden wall allows you to create different possibilities for having a garden around the house. It also directs your gaze in the middle of the field. The first vertical block communicates with the height of the trees. Welcoming the rooms, let them enjoy the view of the ramages upstairs. In the second, lower and elongated, the kitchen, the dining room and the living room are organized in a row by a succession of monumental openings defined by the facade. This arrangement aligns the interior space with the perspective of the two naves, without altering the feeling of being in a room, enveloping and protective.

Text provided by the architect

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