Lagrange House by Fabio Fantolino


Fabio Fantolino


Fabio Fantolino




Milano, Italia

The merger of two apartments becomes the occasion for the client to give a new flavor to the home. The spaces become more open and custom-designed objects are mixed with contemporary seats.

Fabio Fantolino – Casa Lagrange

Could you tell us about this project?

Casa Lagrange stands out from many of our projects in which the floor and walls are used as a background to enhance the content. In this case, one of the protagonists of the project is the hand-bevelled natural oak flooring. This choice is also due to the fact that the house came to fruition thanks to the union between the client’s apartment with that of the mother’s, and the wooden surface becomes the instrument of continuity between them. We needed to create a unique environment where both customers felt comfortable and each had their own spaces available.

Fabio Fantolino – Casa Lagrange

In the project there is a desk with a rounded mirror edge. Did you design it?

Yes, almost all the furnishings you see are designed by us. In our projects we don’t usually design armchairs or sofas, but for the rest we design everything ourselves. Only by having this approach can we find the kind of harmony between shapes and colours that satisfies us.

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