Lago low table by Iterare Arquitectos

Lago low table by Iterare Arquitectos

Lago low table by Iterare Arquitectos


image ©David Zarzoso





The Lago low table is an object of craftmanship, completely created by hand by artisans, reuniting some of the essential construction guilds of the field. Masons and smiths are the true makers of the piece and their skills are key to the success of the design.
Lago is a basic object conceived as a free unattainable gesture contained in the stone. A piece of great geometric complexity which formal restrain is, however, at its design basis. Its curves put a stop to a material that otherwise would extend further out of the limits, thus creating the impression of stillness. Natural stones and stainless steel are the only elements of a piece that tackles the, at first glance, conflict between the essential and its formal complexity.

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