L10 by Pereira Miguel Arquitectos


Pereira Miguel Arquitectos

FG+SG- Fernando Guerra


Comporta, Portugal




L10 is a single family house, composed of two separate rectangular volumes, parallel to each other and to the road on the West. They are arranged along the north-south axis, adapting to the topography and facing the rice fields to the east. The first volume is a wooden construction suspended above the soil and resting over the second concrete volume of the pool, thus creating a large platform over the fantastic view. Protecting the house to the street there is a small dune with autochthonous vegetation, letting the sun go through but avoiding the direct stares of passers-by.
The concept embraces the horizontality of the landscape and location with the local materials and craftsmanship, resulting in a beautiful architectural element that reminds us of the bliss which is being inside.
From the outside in rests as a perfectly integrated house, calm and serene transporting us to the quality of the local environment .

Text provided by the architect

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