Kaia House by Amaia Arana Arkitektura


Amaia Arana Arkitektura


Iñaki Guridi from MITIKO studio




Donostia, San Sebastián, Spain


Integral refurbishment of a genuine mid-19th century dwelling which, together with the adjacent buildings, forms the very picturesque image of the fishing port of San Sebastián (Basque Country, Spain).
Its particular plan shape, without even a right angle, is a direct consequence of the adaptation to the shape of the old city wall to which it is attached. What at first appeared to be a great challenge, ended up being the key to carrying out the intervention. Drawing on its history, the concept of embracing the space with an ‘infinite piece of furniture’ was born, which organically adheres and adapts to the wall to distribute and provide service to each room generated. A minimalist element of pure lines that contrasts with the character of the original structure, in which the beams look more like trees.
The flavour of the original architecture, the use of wood in the new pieces, the minimalist lines and curves, the careful lighting and sophisticated details in taps and handles, as well as an efficient air conditioning system and the very location of the house opposite the port of San Sebastián, make this home a welcoming refuge in the heart of the city.

Aim of the refurbishment
It all started when the owners, a young couple with a charming little girl, came to the studio, with no definite ideas, but very excited and with a clear intention, that of creating a unique and welcoming home.

The flat, with a living area of 73m2, consists of an entrance hall, a spacious day area, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The light and views from the main façade are reserved for the day area and the parents’ bedroom.

The key to the project lies in the insertion of the ‘infinite piece of furniture’, a piece made entirely to measure to adapt to the unique shape of the dwelling. The strength of this element is emphasized by a single material, an excellent oak wood with a birch core, mouldel by the hands of great craftsmen.
The insertion of this wooden element simplifies the variety of materials in the project. The use of pure and noble materials has been chosen to provide warmth and harmony: oak wood, linen, brass, stone…
In addition, its studies and flexible design equips the house with the necessary storage and services at a single stroke. Doors and cupboards open and close, drawers are pulled out, storage spaces are hidden… and it transforms itself to create special corners such as the corner sofa. This means that all the furniture in the house is resolved with the incorporation of a few auxiliary pieces of furniture and careful lighting.
The most sophisticated touch is provided by the golden taps and handles, together with the suspended brass and glass lamps.

Text provided by architect

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