K House by Naoya Kitamura


Naoya Kitamura


Takumi Ota




Aichi, Japan


The site is surrounded by houses and is located at a depth from the road. Therefore I wanted to create a space that felt diverse and widening.
I spend my holidays while watching the clock. If it is a holiday to spend without the clock, it will be over while watching TV and the day will be over. I am not in a hurry, but I can spend my day grasping my pace by looking at the clock. In this house, the pillars are built every 1.82 m, and the space is divided loosely to make the limited space diverse.

The pitch of the pillar is 1.82m, which is the Japanese human scale 1ken = 6 shaku (1shaku=0.303m).In addition, there are 1 fathom = 6 feet = 2 yards etc. on the human scale in the Europe and America.
Relationship between dining for 4 persons and porch space with sweep window, continuity between sitting height tatami space and large space LDK, By mixing the spaces divided by the pillars, the expansion of the unique space and the liveliness of life appear.

Text provided by architect

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