Francesco Meda: how to work for large companies and remain an independent designer

The possibility of working for international brands, if for many it is a goal, for Francesco Meda was a starting point that over the years has led him to practice an increasingly self-production activity.

ecoLogic Studio: dark side of ecology

Imagine a future in which all “beings” could maintain a balance among themselves. A different world view that also includes plants, animals, insects and artificial entities.

Barozzi Veiga: how to set the tone for each architecture

Interview with Fabrizio Barozzi who together with Alberto Veiga founded one of the most promising architectural firms in the international scene.

Federico Babina: building with drawings

Federico Babina is an architect by training, but he builds his projects thanks to drawings.

Stefano Perego: photography as means of historical investigation

His work is one of the most important testimonies ever made on the architecture of the former U.R.S.S.

Massimo Siragusa: reality as a representation

The photographer won 4 World Press Photo Awards and worked for many international brands such as Ferrari, Lavazza and Versace to name a few.

Davide Bonazzi: illustrate to solve problems

His elegant and sophisticated images give much weight to conceptual and surreal themes.

Davide Macullo: when architecture approaches art

The Swiss architect who built “a habitable sculpture” tells us about his way of making architecture built around man.

Andrea Lupi: the art director of Antonio Lupi

The art director of Antonio Lupi tells us about his company which has been leader in the world of bathroom furnishings for decades.

Giulio Iacchetti: the design from all points of view

He has created objects for the most important Italian brands and has been awarded twice with the Compasso d’Oro.