Ina Chair by Miroslav Truben


Miroslav Truben


Matúš Slovák




Academy of fine arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia

INA chair is a furniture solitaire.
The design of the chair is based on the minimizing of volume. The main idea is to emphasize visual as well as physical lightness of the product and create a new architecture of the chair. INA consists of the most needed surfaces for the seat and the backrest area. This fact prevents slouching during sitting.

INA is based on dematerialization and leaves only the most necessary surfaces and volumes. By scaling down a seat surface, the chair prevents a bad habit of slouching. The visual lightness of the chair is provocative.
Two intersecting bent wooden parts offer a spot to sit either frontwards or backwards. The chair supports the most weighted pressure areas that user‘s body needs. The overall weight of the product is less than 2.5 kg.

INA is formed by two wooden segments attached by a tenon connection. The intersecting segments are made of bent beech veneer by compression moulding technology. At the beginning, numerous tests were made to achieve the best balance between accurate hardness and thickness of the lamel. The layers of the beech veneer were moistened with steam and fixed in a mould.

Text provided by Designer

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