Illustrations for Alce Nero by Davide Bonazzi

Illustrations for Alce Nero by Davide Bonazzi

Illustrations for Alce Nero by Davide Bonazzi


Davide Bonazzi


Alce Nero



Here are the illustrations that Davide Bonazzi created in 2016 for Alce Nero, one of the first food companies in Italy to believe in healthy food and that has been producing organic food for about 40 years.

Alce nero – Davide Bonazzi – 2016

What can you tell us about the work for Alce Nero?

For this company, with whom I had already worked in the past, I developed a series of tables that they are used for conference presentations or other purposes. I had available only a range of very limited colors, earth and gray tones.The colours that represented the chain of products had to stand out from the others. This chromatic limit was really funny for me: playing with few colors allowed us to obtain a good result. For a publishing job I have to read well the text, understand the topic and understand what the customer wants, same thing happens for corporate jobs, as in this case; when doing advertising work of this kind it is needed to get even more into the client’s mindset. The company has a rather precise, detailed vision. They are not only food producers, but they are a company that works a lot on organic; it is not that easy to get into their mentality.

Alce nero – Davide Bonazzi – 2016
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