IDF Habitat Headquarters by Stefano Sbarbati Architect + Piuarch


Stefano Sbarbati Architect + Piuarch

Sergio Grazia, Martin Argyroglo




Champigny-sur-Marne, France

Stefano Sbarbati Architect + Piuarch for the headquarters commissioned by IDF Habitat realize a concrete building characterized by a strong orthogonality. The facades defined by windows or arcades are positioned according to a precise rhythm that lightens the whole.


Headquarters in Champigny-sur-Marne was inspired by the desire to create an efficient, functional compelx and above all one that stands as an indispensable element in the area’s redevelopment process. Characterized by an L-shaped plan and a silhouette that varies in height, the volumes develop into an articulated form, establishing crisp lines and allowing the square in front to be defined as a collective space. Each side also reacts to the existing surrounds through a relationship of solid and empty spaces: at the entrance, and thus facing the square, the façade is a permeable screen completely covered by glass hidden behind a system of loggias of varying heights, interrupted by a series of breaks in the pattern that make the composition more dynamic.

The sides of the building opposite the entrance, facing the railroad and along the road, are more compact with a tight rhythm of vertical openings: these are the south, east and west facades, where it is necessary to filter the solar gain and to create an acoustic barrier. The shell is made of concrete cast onsite and it integrates the construction system: the result is a free plan, which can be organized according to the needs and can be transformed over time

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