House with 6 annexes by Kiyoaki Takeda Architects


Kiyoaki Takeda Architects


Masaki Hamada (kkpo)       




Nagano, Japan


The site is located in a town surrounded by rich nature in Nagano, Japan. It is a project to renovate a historic residence for an elderly couple. 

Large enclosure of existing building was decomposed and each part has been scattered to form an assemblage of small buildings.  The assemblage delivers crossings between inside and outside, offering a new daily routine connected with surrounded wild nature.

At this particular site, an underground cellar, shelter and well were preserved from ancient time but were not in use. The space contained site-specific atmosphere like a cave, and filled with earth thermal that keeps constant room temperature throughout the year. Keeping this unique character, by stacking additional structure on top of the underground spaces, I designed new architecture – new layer connecting ancient, present and future life. 

The additional structure is transparent like a glass pavilion, functioning as environmental construction to keep underground condition sanitary by natural lighting and ventilation. Also, its light-weight structure with units of 50x50mm steel was considered for easy assembling by man power, especially at site with uneven landscape.

House with 6 annexes is a future living environment, standing on its preserved ancient life and allowing itself to now begin a new wild life closer to nature.

Text provided by the architect

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