House in Tuscany by Emanuela Frattini Magnusson + Pietro Todeschini


Emanuela Frattini Magnusson + Pietro Todeschini

Simone Bossi




GR, Tuscany, Italy 

The L-shaped plan of this house is inserted into the side of a hill in a typical Tuscan landscape, characterized by rolling vineyards and olive trees.
Inside, a long distribution corridor extends from the large entrance and living area (living room, open kitchen and studio) to the three bedrooms, which in turn open to the surroundings and a view towards the Tyrrenian sea through full height glazed openings.
The exterior materials’ palette is dominated by the local “alberese” stone, used as a thick skin.
Pockets created by this layer house the sliding, full- height custom metal shutters.
The interiors are characterized by the strong floor pattern, inspired by the old Venetian “seminato” and “tozzetto” techniques, which have been rediscovered and interpreted by Carlo Scarpa. Here they are executed with local materials: hand cut “cotto” (terracotta) tiles, dimensioned in proportion to the respective room size, and inserted into a mix of cement and Carrara marble aggregate.
Built in custom cabinetry in natural oak and Carrara marble.

Text provided by the architect

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