House in Shinkawa by Yoshichika Takagi


Yoshichika Takagi

Yuta Oseto




Sapporo, Japan

Large terrace of small house

“Small house”

This is a small house with highly heat insulated structure of low cost. The footprint of indoor space is very small, about 53 square meters. The private room on the second floor is an attic like a hiding place. Its small indoor space has advantages such as “construction cost is low,” “easy to clean”, and “utility cost is low.”

“Large terrace”

About 26 square meters of large terrace, which is half of indoor space, has a continuous relationship and a discontinuous relationship with the indoor space at the same time. Continuity contributes to make the small house look spacious, and discontinuity contributes to make indoor space thermal environmentally small. In addition, the role of the terrace changes greatly depending on the season. The window of the living room is open from spring to autumn, which unifies with the terrace and becomes a part of the living room. In winter, it is covered with a transparent film, and the room becomes a greenhouse. It will help to make your life comfortable in winter.

Text provided by the architect

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