Houses Etosoto Cabo Espichel by Studio Combo

The goal of this program was to transform two ruins located in Cabo Espichel, Portugal. This project is a kind of introduction to the development of the Etosoto Hotel.
In a process of conservation of the existing, the frame has been preserved. We restructured the volumes with an exterior wood envelope, which redraws volumes while retaining what was already in place. The woods have been selected conscientiously, with the idea of giving them a second life. The cladding is made with pine treated with sugarcane compost, called Kebony.

The interior and exterior structures are composed of pine produced locally, autoclaved without treatment. The interior veneers are eucalyptus, locally produced as well. The houses are 100% energetically autonomous, thanks to the installation of solar panels, located in the surrounding fields to blend in with the vegetation. Heating and cooling are made possible thanks to a heat exchanger.
The greywater is treated by a mini water station allowing a 100% water filtration and therefore its reuse for agriculture.
No action related to landscaping has been done around the houses, to let them evolve in the existing natural context.
The simple shapes of the buildings and the hues of the wood allow the buildings to blend in with the decor in different ways, depending on the lights and the seasons.
The wooden interior is very uncluttered thanks to the varied shapes and heights of windows, offering openings on the varied and predominant landscapes that are the dominant force in these habitats.

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