Hotel Hubertus: floating between heaven and earth by noa*network of architecture


Alex Filz



A swimming pool suspended in the void and supported by tree trunks makes the visitor swim in the mountains and in contact with the sky.

Hotel Hubertus- Valdaora (BZ) – Italia – Photo credit: Alex Filz

Could you tell us about Hotel Hubertus project in Valdaora, at the foot of Plan de Corones ski area in Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy?

The building already existed. We inserted these large wooden trunks against the building to remember the proximity to the wood.

Obviously the main focus of the project is the pool. The guest who swims floating in the void and with the beautiful mountains in the background at a certain point sees under him a piece of glass that in theory could also collapse and make it fall into the void! Obviously I like to joke but swimming in this stone block suspended in the void is very exciting.

Hotel Hubertus- Valdaora (BZ) – Italia – Photo credit: Alex Filz

Structurally how was it realized?

The work of the engineer was very complex. In practice, the pool cannot move more than one centimeter and a half because otherwise the water recirculation system could stop working.

The supporting columns are in steel, covered with wooden trunks, while the tank is in reinforced concrete covered with tiles. In this area it was essential that the pool be watertight because in winter the water freezes and the presence of seepage would have been a big problem for the structure.

Given the degree of precision required overall, this project would not have been possible without the help of talented artisans who love to try new and special things.

Hotel Hubertus- Valdaora (BZ) – Italia – Photo credit: Alex Filz
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