Hofstraat by Dierendonckblancke architecten


Dierendonckblancke architecten

Filip Dujardin




Ghent, Belgium


A neo-rococo middle-class house with its front façade on Hofstraat was built more than a century ago as a rear annex on the plot of an older town house. The lack of a decent outdoor space and the need for roof insulation gave cause for a new volume and terrace on the roof. The visible result is a fenced-in pavilion on the roof painted in red.

This intervention is the first phase in a gradual adaptation of the existing house to today’s needs in terms of constructional physics and usage. In the next phase, a solution must be found to activate the existing, dark patio on the ground floor and to house the abundant supply of books of the resident academics.

The new additions combine a unified constructive logic with consideration for the existing architecture. The house’s curious position served in this regard as somewhat of a starting point. A glass wall in the existing floor was placed together with the wooden roof volume parallel to Hofstraat. Additionally, in its use of colour– red for the rooftop pavilion, blue for the spiral staircase leading up to it – this playful intervention establishes a clear distinction between old and new. The plentiful use of wood for the structure and covering ensures a softer transition. The CLT panels, left visible as the ceiling of the top floor, reinforce the sense of unity with the original wooden floors.

The added elements and materials such as the CLT panels, glass wall for the storage room, wall tiling in the bathroom and precisely positioned spiral staircase, introduce light and repose in an upward movement towards the roof.

Text provided by the architect

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