Marazzi Reinhardt

Interieur Photos: Ramon Spaeti, Exterieur Photos: Ladina Bischof




Hinterhueb, Neftenbach, Switzerland
Architektur Büro Marazzi Reinhardt GmbH

Hinterhueb – a hamlet, which is characterized by agricultural residential and economic buildings, is to be supplemented by a single-family house.

The task was to build a house on a remnant piece of a larger plot. The triangular geometry results from the shape of the plot and the requirements of the core zone. Due to the small floor plan, the various uses are stacked and organized vertically. The construction can be experienced and the materials are present.

In spite of its unusual floor plan, the building naturally fits into the ensemble. It takes over the proportions and alignment of the existing buildings, the roof becomes part of the roof landscape. The materials and openings correspond to the familiar image, but they are optimized for residential use. The building was constructed using a hybrid construction method. The wooden façade carries the concrete ceilings, the exposed concrete staircase takes on the stiffening and connects the individual floors as a vertical spatial sculpture.

A gallery connects the kitchen and the living area. The entrance area (entrée) is three steps lower and thus hierarchizes the access to the house. The materials are used directly and can be experienced in their true character. The focus is on craftsmanship and precise detailing. The refinement of simple materials takes place through precise planning and execution. This can be seen, for example, in the interlaced stone corners (structure) of the cement stone walls or the continuous oak handrail. All fixtures and interior walls are placed at right angles to the facade. This gives the building a natural organization and inner peace.

Text provided by the architect

Architektur Büro Marazzi Reinhardt GmbH

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